“5 Steps to Safety”

Minibus fire Emergency Evacuation for Drivers and Passenger Assistants.

If a minibus catches fire, it can have dangerous consequences. The “5 Steps to Safety” course do not come with a guarantee, however, training may help staff and volunteers avoid a fire in the first place. If not, it may help them make better judgement if the most awful does happen.

This course involves some classroom based training which provides the skills and information needed when evacuating a vehicle fire.

Then there will be a practical element where a person will be observed participating in several evacuations of a passenger carrying vehicle both with and without the presence of smoke simulation. A person may have to be observed or participate in evacuations involving trainees role-playing passengers with disabilities or other factors that may delay or complicate an evacuation.

The objectives of the MiDAS “5 Steps to Safety” course are;

  • How to recognise common causes of fire
  • How to reduce the risk of vehicle fires starting
  • When and how to use a fire extinguisher
  • How to safely evacuate a vehicle using the 5 steps to safety

At the end of the course participants are given a CTA certificate and some useful course notes.